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Question Vivarium mods utilizing more space

Hello RFUK members,

I currently have 2 Leopard geckos and 2x 2ft vivexotic vivariums that they were housed in separately. However I recently decided to try my first breeding project and so have put them together (They seem to be doing fine, not seen any fighting and actually havnt seen any mating as of yet , theyve been together for a week now and i keep an eye on them at night and have seen nothing, both eating healthily).

My Misses has her own female gecko and would like me to care for her as she spends all her time at mine and has no time to care for her gecko at home. So i have been thinking about keeping my Male and Female together in the 2ft.

Now before people get the pitchforks out I am aware its advised not to keep a Male with 1 Singular female as she would take the brunt of all the males breeding urges. I am just contemplating if i were to Modify one of the 2ft vivariums to have a 2nd floor it would almost double the available floor space for both the geckos (as the vivariums are 2ft Square there is so much wasted space in the height of the vivarium) ...

So I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to modify a veneered vivexotic vivarium to have an extra floor, as ive looked all over youtube and google and havnt found any real examples of ways to properly take advantage of the 2ft or height the vivariums have. Also if i was to consider keeping 2 geckos in a modified 2 floor 2ft vivarium , in peoples opinion.... what would be better.... to house the 2 already acquainted Male and Female that were housed together as hatchlings or to introduce my female to my Misses's female and house them together and have my Male in his own vivarium.

This is all currently hypothetical so please no one get triggered by this post. I am simply contemplating the idea and would loved other peoples honest opinions and maybe some people can share their own experiences or shed some light on any ways to utilize vacant height in vivariums.

Many thanks in advance to anyone on the post.
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