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I think having that space is half the problem, to be honest. I went from breeding stuff on the table in my living room, to a dedicated room with tanks all round the walls. Still never had a set up of the size said to be needed though. Not even close.

Now, ironically, I could easily lose a chest freezer in a corner of my stables. But, no way am I going to access the initial stock. I can't bloody win!

Then, I guess, there's the simple fact that Tigers are such wonderful creatures, most people ~ like yeself ~ are just delighted to have one, and leave it at that.

Wretched situation though. They're quite probably The Best salamander out there. So, they're understandably wildly popular. So, people will pay through the nose to get one. And that encourages the men with the nets to keep taking them from the wild.

If even one person would crack the genome and start pumping out CB ones, the price could come down and the wild stocks be left alone. But, we have this bloody see saw effect, don't we? Breeding them would prove extremely lucrative, initially. But, the initial outlay to even attempt it would be hectic for most people.

Having said all that? Some kiddie managed, by default, to breed his. Wonder what happened there? Perhaps he couldn't manage to rear them?

Any venture capitalists out there want to sort me out a pair, or three? Fund me a Stock Drinker to put them in? I'll give it a go!
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