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Originally Posted by MikeO233 View Post
I tried a Terra.

It had to go back because of many faults.

I was also really disappointed with the build quality for such a premium product.

Initially I asked for a replacement, however there was no remaining stock of the terra in the UK so I just got a refund. I didn't bother with buying another one after the experience.

It doesn't really provide anything more than what you can create yourself at a fraction of the cost. Also I've never been able to get any kind of explanation about the lifespan of the UV in the cold cathode tube and if / how these are replaced.

i think the build quality will be a little better considering the bio pod grand costs 1199
i have a few mates with bio pods ( not the grand, but there the same just smaller) from what i have heard its the best they have ever used and is best on the market. the only negative is the price and its your decision if its worth the money, but considering its got a mister, a heat source, lights, camera ect. for some people it can definitety can be justified.
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