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The build quality has nothing to do with the price. The terra is a premium product for a viv of its size and at 550 you expect a good quality product.

What I mean is things like the lid - It's flimsy plastic with terrible clips which fail easily. Same on all models. The spray nozzle fixtures are cheap - They are the same on on models. The spray system tank isnt held in by anything other than its own weight and a tiny bit that fits into the pump system - You guessed, same on all models.

It just doesn't deliver the expected results to the price point. The grand is only more expensive because it is so much bigger (more materials), not because they make it any better than any of the smaller models.

They are just simply not worth the money and have been overhyped. They haven't delivered what they set out to do.

Oh also the camera is of really poor resolution, there have been multiple reported problems of Wi-Fi connections dropping out every couple of days (mine also suffered this problem) and the connectivity in general is pretty damn slow in terms of sending it instructions.

I was entirely disappointed with mine.
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