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Default Crested Gecko Wooden Vivarium

I’m looking into getting a crested gecko and wondering if my current vivarium would be suitable. I modified this previously from a terrestrial to an arboreal vivarium and the measurements are 50cm wide x 45cm deep x 90cm tall. I will need to silicone all the seals due to humidity but on one side the join is a bit warped already.

My worries are:
- How wood deals with humidity (already a bit warped)
- Not much ventilation (6 vents on back)
- May get too warm as wood retains a lot of heat.
- Lighting/heat bulb will be inside the viv and may be a risk of burns if the crestie climbs on it.

I have added pictures of the viv with lighting/heating and where the wood has slightly warped.

Wondering if I can use what I already have or try to sell this and get a glass viv?
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