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This will be a bit is an issue. When it comes to plant growth you need colour, spectrum within that colour and quantity of light. This all adds up to PAR.

In an ideal world we could use ling strips of LEDs and trust that they will project the energy from light that is needed. It just does not work this way as LED is point source. As such you end up with a either a thin strip of energy over a tiny area of a flood of hardly any energy over a wider area if lensing is used.

Its the same old problem that effects UV lamps. There are only so many photons produced by a light source. These spread out over distance so concentration or 'energy/PAR' falls. Its the age old problem Tolkien described as 'too little butter over too much bread'

For LEDs to grow plants long term you need banks of them fitted closely together. This increases the width of projection and of course the number of photons carrying energy.

This is why JungeDawn uses a rake of diodes fitted so closely together, you get a multiplication of light.

I have used a single 22w lamp in a viv of similar size but then only planted directly beneath the projection of the lamp or lamps.

LEDs are great at providing visible light, but they are very poor at energy projection.

I think that this is so important that I devote a couple of chapters in my next book on this subject along.

Originally Posted by Bianco View Post
Hi just hoping for some recommendations. I have a 48 24 24 inch Viv on route which I plan to eco style for my bearded dragon. Problem I am having is the led lighting for plant growth. Can anyone recommend anything appropriate for a Viv that size. The ones I see look a little small. Thanks in advance.
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