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Default My Five Lined Dumpy Family!

This is the beginning post of my update thread for my two exotic setups my Southeastern Five Lined Skinks and my Dumpy Tree Frogs. I will talk about their setups, provide care and display videos from my YouTube channel.

Dumpy Tree Frogs

I just completed their build and the frogs are in their setup tonight as I write this. Just some small pieces need adjustments. In this setup it's a 24x18x36 Exo Terra Terrarium with Exo Terra UVB Compact Lights and a T5 Fixture by Odyssea. I am going to connect my old Monsoon RS400 and a Repti Temp controller for temperature. I had my frogs in a 55 gallon and finally I can say the frogs look very happy. They are about 2-2.5 inches and can't jump the entire length of the tank. The frogs were very interested in how high they could climb. They didn't think they could climb up to the top meaning climb 36 inches high so they went down closer to where their plants are at around 20 inches. There is also a male Betta Fish in this setup.

The Skinks are about to have their setup made and in their setup it will house three Skinks, five Millipedes, 2 Snails, and some small fish. It will be a 30 Gallon that will have a fogger and some other devices. I'll have to make a new post soon. This setup will be very unique as 3 inhabitants that would interact in the wild (Skinks, Millipedes, and Snail) will live in the same enclosure. These are the largest Snails and Millipedes in North America and the Skinks live with the Millipedes now and there are no problems.

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