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Dumpy Tree Frogs & Betta Fish Vivarium is 95% complete! More news on the Five Lined Skink setup too...

I added a Bonsai Tree to the setup to make it more bushy for the frogs and they immediately checked the tree out. I didn't see them climb it yet but I have seen them on the trunk. I'm hoping to add a few plants and this setup along with the Skinks enclosure will share a Mistking Misting System which will be cool to see how the frogs respond to this. I will attempt to get a trailer of both enclosures and the other 2 pets that will make up my exotic animals for YouTube and show what is to come after I hibernate my native amphibians!
I'll be getting some extra time so I'll be finishing my White's Tree Frog Care Sheet soon! I'll have a video with the care sheet so you can understand whichever way you learn better through reading or video or both!

The Skinks are next to get a much needed update. I stopped the baby skink from escaping but I gave up on keeping them in a big setup because they didn't use the whole enclosure. I'm excited to show my male skink Pharaoh. He is so bold and dominant over his territory but I have never seen him show aggressive behavior. He has seen my American Toads and actually laid with them and now he is allowing Giant American Millipedes to live with his family. He always makes sure to evaluate whatever comes to his territory. He accepted the toads but there was one he didn't accept as much. He was more curious of it. He never hurt the toad. He also checks the invading Millipedes and senses they are harmless.

The Millipedes will eat the Skink poop and decaying plant matter. They burrow which will turn my soil and help the plants. So basically the Millipedes are servants of Pharaoh and the Skinks because they benefit the Skinks being with them. There is something coming to the enclosure to serve the Skink Dynasty. Large Land Snails are going to be added to the enclosure and these eat what the Millipedes do meaning they will benefit the Skinks being in the enclosure. This will be interesting to see Lizards living amongst the Large Invertebrate Millipedes and Snails in the enclosure.

For the future after the Skinks would pass I may just keep the Snails and Millipedes together in a bioactive setup. I'm undecided if I'd add more Skinks or something else but it would feature the Inverts.

Have you ever seen lizards and inverts living together?

Which setup sounds more interesting to you?

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