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Happy Birthday Max...Some great updates too!

August 22nd was her 4 year birthday! She got a great surprise too. This year she got a large terrarium, she got the old Mistking that somehow won't work in my large tank but it will work for her tank. She also got some friends in Spurgeon and Jeremiah. This year might go down as the year of the White's Tree Frog.

I fed the tree frogs until they got full bellies. All the plants are doing great. Many of the plants have become close together and created a live canopy. I've never seen that before in person and it's really cool.

The Skink Dynasty are doing well. They are poised to have their enclosure become a sight to see as well. The Snails mated and so did the Millipedes. I have seen both eating the Basil plant the new Squirrel Tree Frog came with. It's still growing but it's a meal for the Inverts. I saw the Millipedes breeding of all places in the food bowl. Right beside them were three small snails.

The Skinks are doing great. I don't have more info on them I haven't seen them eat but they have been active and alert to me.

There might be something at the end of the year where I ask you all to vote which group of animals had the best year the Dumpy Family or my 125 Gallon PA Woods?

Checkout the video I made of the Five Lined Dumpy Family!
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