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Default Ackie / Varanus Acanthurus Heating and Lighting Advice


I'm looking to get back into keeping herps after about 20 years away and am researching a setup for ackie monitors. I'm hoping to build out a bioacive viv approx 5x3x3 and I would like to understand more about best options for heating and lighting.

For background heating I am intersted in using a Habistat Reptile Radiator, and for basking spot/spots I think I'll go with an Arcadia Deep Heat.

I'm not really sure what UVB (e.g what percentage) I should go for however. Is there a formula for what percentage to use based on how far above the help the UVB is?

I'm also quite interested the in the Skylight Skylight - Professional LED Lighting for Your Terrarium LED lighting for full spectrum which will hopefull be good for both the herps and the plants. The other option here is the Arcadia Jungle Dawn.

In terms of placement I was thinking of having the Reptile Radiator, Skylight/ Jungle Dawn and UVB located centrally with the Arcadia Deep Heat at the basking end.

Does this setup sound alright? I plan to have it running for quite a while before introducing any animals so I can tinker a little to get the temperatures correct?

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding thermostat? Would I just have the Reptile Rad and Arcadia Deep Heat connected to this?

In my dreams I'd like to create a sunrise / sunset kind of scenario - I've come across and wondered if anyone has tried anything similar?

Many thanks for any help!
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