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If you set it up correctly and it is not over a mesh, then it is able to do the job in terms of UV projection. The only issue is, the area of light projected. We need to light the whole animal, which is why i released the UVFLOOD in 55w also, This will easily cover an adult dragon.

Tech has moved on as has the theory behind this. I would now suggest that if you have a 4' long viv that you add a 24w or 39w ProT5 unit alongside your UVFLOOD and run them together. This will allow you to create a wider photogradient in which the dragon can easily self-regulate.

It will then have a UV rich and bright basking area and a graduation of decreasing energy as it travels down towards the cool end,

That is the most up to date thinking

Originally Posted by Digimand View Post

Iím hoping Arcadia John is around to help me with this - Iíve read this (old) thread so far, and looked at some of the products. The single lamp setup (option 1) seemed to show a picture of a twin controller, which confused me....

Anyway, the issue is this - I currently have the D3+ UV Flood 24W as my only UVB lamp in a 4ft viv. Is this unsuitable for my bearded dragon? I have a 75w basking lamp on a dimmer thermostat at one end, with the flood lamp starting next to that and then a shady area the other end. Iím sure this is more lighting than my poor rescue dragon ever had before, but if itís not correct, please advise, so I can give her the best option.

Many thanks
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