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Default Collected wood and bugs.

Hi, I've recently set up a vivarium for an Ackie monitor, I've decided to go bio active, ive introduced some bought springtails and wood lice, but today I was walking on the moors and saw an old dead tree that had some really good lumps of wood and moss growing on them so I picked a nice big bit up, I got home didn't wash it and placed in the viv, then after about 20 mins I started noticing loads of little bright red tiny what look like spiders?? And also a few little brown beetles clambering on the wood, I panicked and took it out again, does anyone know if these are harmful to the lizard? And also I don't want to get over run with bugs that could potentially escape the viv and infest the bedroom and house, I removed the wood because it would be a major task to remove all the substrate from the viv if it were to get out of hand, there are also thousands of tiny pin holes in the wood which will probably be some sort of wood worm, I don't want a wood worm infestation in my house, could any of this happen or am I just panicking? Any advice appreciated thanks.
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