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Hi everyone! I'm building a upgraded vivarium for my Varanus Timorensis
and I would love to get some opinions from my wonderful co-hobbyists.
This enclosures living space will be roughly 120x75x150(LxWxH). It will be made of plywood and sealed on the inside with drylok. Minwax and polyurethane will be used to stain and seal the outside. I'm gonna attempt to use front opening glass doors rather than sliding doors. The lighting will be positioned above the monitors living space and will separated by a screen. I might create a custom background and incorporate a custom waterfall running down it. There will be a 15cm deep sealed glass basin all along the bottom to hold moist substrate as well as hold a small pond and runoff for the waterfall. Otherwise, if I decide against the custom background I will line the walls with coco fiber to allow climbing. I plan on using a mistking system equipped with the hygrostat controller to monitor the humidity. I will be testing different heat bulbs once the enclosure is finished to find the most optimal setup. I really need some help with the UVB choices as I've never worked with a enclosure with so much height. I currently have two 36" T5 reflected fixtures in my possession. My question is whether or not I should use both of the 36" fixtures, just one of the 36" fixtures, or should I ditch both of them and go with a mercury vapor or metal halide setup? I have a sketchup file with the basic frame design of the enclosure of anyone would like to view it(I just don't know how publicly attach it to the forum). I welcome any and all responses! Please don't hesitate, I love talking about this stuff!
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