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Default Prefab (ish) background

Hello Folks,

Newbie here, i have beel trawling through the posts to try and answer this question for my self but alas it seems i need to put on my big girl pants and ask the question.....

Sernario: commisioning a PVC viv for my Jungle Boa, it will be 6ft wide 2ft deep and 4ft high. i want to do a 3d back ground for it like i have done for my current (baby) viv however it was a pain in the butt to take the viv apart and this time its a moulded enclosure so will not be able to come apart. and i dont fancy having to clinmb into the viv to creat the back ground.

Question: what board would people suggest i use as a frame or base for creating the 3D back ground? ultimately it will end up being similar to the premade ones you can but BUT will be of my own design. i will be using Expanding foam, coco fiber silicone and there will be a filtered pool and waterfall eventually in the viv so the board needs to hold up to all that. i have seen insulation board and polysteirene ( im not even going to try to spell that) board but i reckon its a bit flimsy for my needs

Any help would be MUCH appreciated

Thanks guys

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