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Default 'Hoppers' (Shistocerca gregaria?) - some advice?

Hi all

Firstly sorry if this is the wrong board, but it seemed ideal (inverts AND spiders who eat the food as prey!)

I had the bright idea to get a glass tall fish tank and put some prey food in it (I went with 3rd 'Hoppers' which I believe from some Googling means I have Shistocerca Gregaria) to be pets, as they looked like they would be interesting to watch due to their size and patterning when full grown, plus I could watch them grow from 3rds. I did do some reading on the internet but perhaps not enough to feel fully in control, hence this post.

I covered a few gaps in the lid with electrical tape (a couple of layers) so there are no gaps anywhere, put some paper towels, sticks and moist grass/veg in and left them to it. I woke up with concerns which I hope you can allay.

Are they likely to chew through the tape, or will they contently sit in the safety of the tank? I'm wondering whether to add more layers of tape or take other steps.

I intend to take the paper and sticks out each week (with food removal more regularly) to prevent babies, will changing the paper and giving the sticks a rub to dislodge eggs be enough? I think the eggs hatch after a few weeks, so I figure once a week will stop any babies.

If they did get out I know they pose no threat to me through biting etc..., and I imagine they would steer clear of the guinea pigs who share the attic with them (or at least not harm them), but set my mind at rest - they aren't going to get to the garden and usher in an apocalypse, eating and multiplying until the whole of my city is in flames... are they?!? Worst case scenario my wife gets mad that she sees one hopping about for a few weeks till they all get spidered/starve?

I'm suddenly feeling unprepared for being a parent! But then I felt like this when I got every other pet, until I had them a while and realised they knew a good thing when they saw it and weren't going to chew through their enclosures to get away.

Thanks all!
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