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Originally Posted by Shellsfeathers&fur View Post
to the Forum.

Have they got any ventilation?

Intrigued about keeping guinea pigs in the attic? Isn't it hot and stuffy in the summer and cold in the winter months? By attic, do you mean in the loft under the roof? Not sure if you are UK based.


Yes to be clear they have air-holes in the lid and there are several joins that have gaps so while they don't have a gale blowing through, there should be airflow. Also yes, UK

Our attic is just another room, it's not like one where you need a ladder and it's all beams, it is a proper room. It does get hotter than the rest of the house but 99% of the time not so hot we have to worry, and if it gets super hot up there (like last Summer) we move them to another room for a few days. And in the winter the room never gets cold. We've had piggies (and rats for a time) up there for... 6 or 7 years and never had them show any signs of heat or cold issues (and only had to move them for a couple of days maybe every other year - last year was ridiculous though, I hope this Summer isn't like that!).
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