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So here are a few pics of my setup

This one is basically just an overview of the whole viv, I have a hide under the heater, ahollow piece of cork bark in the middle and a coconut hide on the branch, I also plan on getting another hide for the ground area on the cool side.

Im also going to get some fake plants and greenery too.

The next one is just my positioning of the thermostat and thermometer probe, I have the thermostat probe dangling down from the top vent as suggested with the probe of the digital thermometer on top of the hide, the temps on top of the hide are around 88 Fahrenheit, the cool side ground temps are 73 ish rising to about 76 - 77 higher up towards the coconut, im measuring these temps with an IR thermometer gun by the way.

And the last one is just a side view

So any thoughts on the setup? Anything I can add or improve on? Are the temps okay etc...?
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