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If you make it like mash potato that’s a bit on the wet side, a bit sloppy, because if you use a well ventilated lid, it will soon lose some moisture, then it will be just right.

It’s ages since I made fruit fly cultures, I used a dry mix off eBay, the same you found, I think it’s great but I added stuff to make it cheaper and better. I added smash and a ripe banana, and a bit of the repashy brand. Can’t remember quantities and I used a fair bit of water to rehydrate the potato. I’d mix everything dry, then mash a banana into it, then add the water. It would make two cultures, add excelsior and top it with a piece of kitchen towel secured with rubber band.

I nearly gave up trying to culture fruit flies because some went mouldy, which I think was not enough flies added to the culture, ie not enough maggots churning up the substrate, then the next time I tried, it was it was too wet, I think I made it up as instructed, not the eBay brand but an expensive well known brand, but the lid was plastic with a small hole about an inch diameter stuffed with a sponge meant it didn’t get much air and then it looked like it got infested with mites so that was another failure.

Hope you succeed
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