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He isnt a red, but definitely had a pure red in his parentage/genetic line.

Going on the eyes and claws, how vivid his colours are, I would say quite confidently hes a translucent, couple of months old, in reasonable shape looking at the tail and body.
He is definitely a high end morph, product of a cross between citrus and red lines, lots of strong oranges and youll end up with dark orange/red patches as well. Tiger like pattern but thats also very common with high end citrus morphs.

Reds are actually pretty rare, genuine ones anyway. The majority labelled as reds are actually citrus/citrus crosses and tend to be very dark oranges. Genuine reds are vivid red, but the morph line very easily vanishes once other morphs are crossed into it. (Reasonably certain the red phenotypes are reccessive given how easy it is to loose it and how hard to breed it back out to show again.)

What price tag have they put on him?
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