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8 years too late on this thread,but im considering one of these,looking at keeping adult in 1.3 litre braplast box,with some air holes,not dure of substrate ,but thought just dry topsoil mixed with kids playground sand?? Temps provided by mini 5w heat mat or strip?decor cork bark hide tube or domed half tube, or mini exo terra hide ,plastic water dish cool end of tub and temps say mid 70s , will need heat pad as room inNorth Wales is unheated and winter temps might dip down to 10c?�� food mainly hopper locust with an occassional morio or waxworm. I am also hoping for a separately kept Heterometrus which i already have a ready and waiting set up for. p.s. n my set ups i always use heat mats to side of containersv unless its for arboreal stuff.

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