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I have used heat cables (the type for warming soil) and they do release a gentle heat. However, I have kept tarantulas for over 30 years and unless your room temp drops below say 19 or 20 at its lowest temps, you really don't need any additional heating at all. General rule of thumb ...if you are comfortable at the room temp, your spiders will be. If you do need additional heat and want to use a heat mat /cable, they should always be mounted vertically and not heat more that 50% of the enclosure. the spider will then have the option to warm or cool at their leisure. A thermostat should also be used. u less you are running more than a dozen heat mats, a ministat100 (I.e. 100 watts) would be more than sufficient. like I said though. only need heating if your room temps are low though. Hope that helps 🙂
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