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Originally Posted by Joey02 View Post
Hello all,

Im awaiting delivery of a vivarium (4 foot). I have read the sticky guide for bearded dragons but im still confused. I gather I need 3 different bulbs.

1, UVB tube type
2, Basking light
3, heating bulb for night time use

What wattage and UV % is recommended for a young Dragon? Different brands seem to have different rating systems.

I would prefer to buy a Kit so are there any places that sell a bearded dragon lighting and heating kit? If not how do I go about sizing up a bulb that fits its housing etc?

Lastly is it expected that you must drill out holes in a vivarium to fit these lights and heating bulbs. Its not an issue If I have to I just want to make sure its the done thing

Thanks all
You will have to drill holes into the top panel of the vivarium in order to fix the holders in place, but most premade vivariums will have holes on the back to route cables through, just make sure there is enough space.

For heating, you only really need one bulb assuming both the room that the vivarium is in and the vivarium will not get too cold. You want a standard white spot lamp pointed onto a piece of natural rock, such as slate. This needs to be attached to a thermostat, the type is up to you, but dimming thermostats will increase the life span of the bulb compared to a standard on/off thermostat. If the tank itself gets too cold either during winter or at night you should supplement with a ceramic heat emitter or radiator to increase air temperatures during cold periods. Again should be attached to a thermostat, but this can be on a on/off thermostat.

You are aiming for a 45C surface basking temperature and as most thermostat work by measuring air temperature you need to get an IR temperature gun to measure accurately and then work out what setting you need to have the thermostat. A digital style thermometer should be positioned in the cool end to make sure temperatures don't drop below around 18C, if it does this is when you should supplement heating.

For normal bulb fitting, assuming in the UK, the most common type of fitting is the E27 fitting which is your standard screw fitting. Most holders designed for reptiles will be this standard fitting and will say on the product information what fitting it is. There isn't really any kits for heating bulbs as there are so many different options to have. For what wattage you need is really does depend on many factors, and you may have to play around with it, I think a good start is 100W. However if it can't get up to the correct temperature you would have to go up, and if seems to be always off drop the wattage down.

UVB tubes the best option is to look at the Arcadia T5 bulbs, they have a specific bulb that is 14% UV index for bearded dragons (and other desert species), the wattage will vary upon the length of the bulb. So for a 4ft enclosure you will be aiming for around a 24" bulb. These come in two all in one kits that will contain every apart from a timer, one slimline and one normal.

If you have any other questions, just ask

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