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Originally Posted by Joey02 View Post
Hello all,

Im awaiting delivery of a vivarium (4 foot). I have read the sticky guide for bearded dragons but im still confused. I gather I need 3 different bulbs.

1, UVB tube type
2, Basking light
3, heating bulb for night time use

What wattage and UV % is recommended for a young Dragon? Different brands seem to have different rating systems.

I would prefer to buy a Kit so are there any places that sell a bearded dragon lighting and heating kit? If not how do I go about sizing up a bulb that fits its housing etc?
Lastly is it expected that you must drill out holes in a vivarium to fit these lights and heating bulbs. Its not an issue If I have to I just want to make sure its the done thing

Thanks all
You will need UV and a basking bulb, so TWO bulbs.
You would only need a third (which would be a ceramic) if the vivarium drops below 16c all the time during the night, which is very unlikely.
This would be in much colder climates and normally mean no central heating.
That third bulb then sets a base temperature during the night.

In a 4ft viv you will need a UV tube roughly two thirds the length of the viv and a basking bulb (which a wide variety of bulbs would suit).
How you setup the inside of the viv and the actual distance inside the viv from the bulb to the basking platform level and groud level is how you then choose which UV strength you need.

10.0 is a 10% bulb, the rating systems are all the same really, only a couple of companies have better tech bulbs and you then get 12% and 14% (12.0 and 14.0)

You can do witha 10.0 bulb, but it has to be positioned closer than what you want really.

This should tell you what strength/positioning you need:

4ft viv means you are unlikely to be able to fit a 14% as you wil not have the height, you are looking at a 12% T5 set at about 14/15 inches from basking, which should also then be several inches higher than ground level.
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