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Default Heating questions

Hi guys. New to the forum. I've recently come to own a baby leopard gecko. He/she is awesome. Eats fine, poops fine. My question is about heating. I have a Monkfield Large Reptile Vivarium - 24-8-15. Its wooden with a large glass panel on the bottom with an area for you to slide a heat mat in under the glass. The mat isn't quite touching the glass but it's a very small space. In the Viv on top of the glass I have reptile carpet. The thermostats prob is under the carpet and on the glass and set to 35 degrees. My thermometers prob is sitting on top of the carpet. The temperature above the carpet never gets higher than 28.6 degrees. Should I move the thermostat probe above the carpet so the heater stays on longer? Any help or suggestions would be great. Cheers.
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