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Originally Posted by Liam Sinclair View Post
Hi all, does anyone have any info regarding brumation for kingsnakes? currently have temp range from 24C to 30C at basking spot.

Lets see if i have this right, feed them well until november then give two weeks no feed to make sure everythings fully digested. turn everything off until february? lights off for a full 3 months and let temps drop to like 20C? then bring back up in Feb and offer smaller meals to get em going again. wait for the sheds and then pair?

should i pair in a large rub (similar like a tarantula or mantis pairing), or let them cohab?
I have never bred king snakes due to their snake eating habits. But I have bred corn snakes, bullsnakes, and garter snakes, all with brumation.

I feed well till November, then end feeding. Keep the snakes at activity temperature for two weeks, to let the gut empty, and then drop the temperature to approximately 20C (68 degrees Fahrenheit) for two more weeks. Then darkness and 10-12C (50-55 degrees Fahrenheit) for two to three months for the corns (which seem closest to kings climatically). 5-10 C for the bulls and garters for three months. Give fresh water weekly. Give a hiding box stuffed with paper so the pressure against sides, belly and back makes the snake feels secure. Warm back to activity temperature over a week. Then start feeding.

Brumation sheet for corn snakes --
Care sheet for California king snakes -- https://southerncaliforniakingsnakes...-breeding.html

Good luck.
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