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Default Heating my tank (help please)

So I recently purchased a 90x45x90 tank for my whites tree frogs.

I've now done my first wave of planting, have my water feature in and its just little bits and bobs left.

Before I put my frogs in I wanted to first make sure I could first get a handle on the temperatures in the tank.

I have 2 heat mats under the tank which so far I honestly cant tell if there making much of a difference, the one on the side of the tank how ever is the one I'm worrying about, I have a stay on all of them and the one on the side heat mat is digital.
So my read out is about 29c at the moment, but when I touch the inside of the glass it feels very hot. Is this normal?
I was hoping to put my whites in at the weekend and so far I'm worried that the side heat mat may burn them, or is that just me being paranoid?
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