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Originally Posted by Rio View Post
Iíve always used ceramics, having just just set up a new 4x2x2 I have used 1 75w radiator and it gets up to temperature (29c) no problem then runs at near 0% and up about 20% (Iíve got a Habistat digital dimming stat) power to maintain the temperature.

If 1 radiator isnít enough to heat the space you could always use 2.

The guards are an issue, everyone has sold out, I found 1 shop in France but they donít deliver to th UK.

This company can make bespoke guards but their minimum charge is £35 + vat and postage (£20), so about the same as the radiator.

I would definitely recommend a radiator (or 2 if needed) as its low profile so canít be seen, can keep a larger space warmer on a lower wattage and more specifically for a BRB it keeps the humidity up, unlike lamps which normally dry the vivarium out.
There are some guards for rads for sale on eBay again atm. They are £10.00 more expensive than normal and only black but least its something. Alot of the distributors in the UK are saying that new stocks will be available from October. Time will tell.

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