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Over the years i've kept a few different species from the giants to the very small. I only have a few snakes now all of which are boas. Each of them has a different personality. They vary quite a bit in size my biggest being a tad over 8ft. I had a male in the past who i aptly named Humphrey as he always seemed to have the hump. Would always hiss open mouthed at me when getting him out . However once he was out he would curl up with me and just chill. My big 8ft femle will sometimes open her mouth almost half heartedly but also just chills on sofa with me. I enjoy their company , they arent all over the place and will settledown with me where as any other species i have kept with the exception of blood pythons all rather go explore . So for me i like their size ,build and the fact that i can just chill with them. For me my boas are my pets and i interact with them on a regular basis.
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