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Originally Posted by Tarron View Post
To the OP

The european reptile shows usually have a few people selling, or willing to take, feeder reptiles and frogs. Sometimes pre culled, other times, cull yourself. I know of at least one shop that often has feeder reptiles in, though these are generally WC I believe.

I wouldn't have guessed WC would be used. They must be treated for parasites/diseases surely?

Originally Posted by Malc View Post
WARNING - The video in the link below contains clips of live animals being constricted and consumed in leading up to the experiments to see how much pressure an anaconda exerts when constricting a duck. ** Viewer discretion advised**

Moderators, I've provided the link in line with subject discussed in this thread. It details the science behind snake constriction and thus trying to get a better understanding of how little or how much suffering the prey item experiences.

Please be advise the quality of the clip is low

Interesting vid, shame about the cheesy American narrator though Still looks a brutal way to go though. Doesn't say anything about how long it takes for the duck to die so could have been alive for those 10 seconds, or 10 minutes. So hard to tell

I feel sorry for the guy that had to retreive the equipment from the duck...
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