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from what i have read i think i could care for them easily enough. i would be building a viv to suit so size is no great problem, it would be built as big as necessary. i would be putting a few chunky branches in as i see a lot of pictures of them lounging around in trees.

i couldnt say what it is in particular that attracts me to them, but i think "big, stately and docile" sums it up pretty well there thrasops.

i am not really looking for this year really. we are likely to move sometime soon and i have one baby snake already for this year. i am also very conscious of quietly finding myself with more work than i can sensibly deal with. i would happily go out and get a whole mess of snakes but its not wise. so if i know who to get in touch with and i can get everything built up to suit then that seems the best way to go.
plus my mum is getting keen on a group of garters. which is funny for a woman who 6 months ago said snakes were "creepy and urgh!" and now looks at ads and tells me how cute they are.
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