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Default Possible Mites?

Hi All I posted up early hours of this morning to try and solve the case of my female fox snake drinking way too much.. The bowl would literally empty a few hours after I refilled it.
All my other snakes in the stack still have full water. I had an incling that she was bathing in there but I couldn't catch her in the act..

So.. I took out my long rat snakes water boek which is much bigger and went to bed and low and behold I caught her fully submerged and rubbing her head under the water.

Now I'm guessing this means she potentially has mites obviously I've taken her out and had a good look in all the obvious places but I can't see anything.. It doesn't help the fact that she is on forest floor and coco husk mixture I'm scrutinising every little brown/black fleck.. I can't see a thing.. That's not to say there isn't any mites.

Ive been in the hobby about 6 years now and not had mites before, I live in a small flat so quarintine isn't really an option so I looked at the reviews etc regarding Taurrus Mites and treating all 4 vivs.

Has anybody used this?
Do the defender mites run onto your snake?
Do you remove your bigger water dish to stop the snake bathing and potentially killing defender mites?
What have you guys done whilst waiting for this to be delivered?

All new territory to me here so ANY help would be massively appreciated.. Don't like to see her suffering.

Thanks Guys.
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