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Originally Posted by Lung View Post
Plissken arrives on Thursday! Do I leave him for a week after getting him before I try to feed him? As ever, opinion seems to vary wildly.
When was the snake last fed ? If it was juts a couple of days ago then wait a week, if it was a week ago then leave it a day and then offer something.

It can take a while as each snake is different. My newly acquired Bairds yearling took a meal three days after getting her, and that was a drop feed left overnight... tonight was the 6th feed and she snatched the fluff from the tongs...

If when you offer food it shows little or no interest just place it somewhere near the snake and leave it over night. Just because the snake doesn't strike and rip the mouse from the tongs / tweezers don't keep trying to try and force the interest by constantly shoving it under its nose.


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