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I have access to f/t pinkies yes, trying that too

I've only tried feeding once a week, ik the stress of handling can have feeding be not successful so he gets food, if he doesn't eat, he gets weighed and that's it, I try not to disturb him any other day

He was sold as a captive bred Saharan, also had the mother at the show. Eaten well beforehand.
(wouldn't be surprised if it actually was kenyan tho)

I can try the small container again, although I feel like the stress of that wouldn't be good, moving him around.

I realize tube / assist feeding now isn't a good idea at all, apologies for thinking right to that, was just extra worried at the time of posting. I'll also ditch the uth, then.

thank you guys, still! I've seen that brumating them can also help. For now I'm gonna try to calm down a bit aha and be patient with him. It's my first reptile that won't eat so just a bit alarming for me. thank you!
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