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Originally Posted by DrymarchonCouperi View Post
If keepers are expecting a return of the glory years for shows from 10 years ago will unfortunately be disappointed,even though legislation changed the views taken by Local authorities and event venues hasn't,as with other animal shows and markets the wider public perception is against such events.What keepers don't take into consideration is the unique nature of the relationship between Donnington licence department,the race course and the show organiser,this is unique ,it's the main reason Donny's stayed open,Donny is an anomaly not the blueprint.Plus with Donny having so many show per year theres no incentive for other shows,Donny has in effect flooded the market.
For keepers that use Donnington IHS breeders meetings need to appreciate it for what it is,the last large UK reptile show

Well there you go there is at least 3 venues per year now that Donnington and Guildford have been added to the calendar.
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