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Default School project advice

Hi, I work in a Primary school in Worcestershire. I have always had a love of nature and have tried to bring my enthusiasm into school and share with our children.

We are a small school but have already managed to get some grants that have enabled us to make a start. Currently we have 2 goats, a pair of Crested Gecko’s + 2 babies, 2 Indian Star tortoises, Giant Millepede, Sun beetles, Madagascan hissing cockroach, Macleays Spectre stick insects and giant leaf insects. Also have 3 hives and a pond (We do also have children too).

I have some money left and am looking for some other animals to add to the collection.

I would love to add a type of amphibian, an arachnid and maybe another reptile.

Being in a school the animals would obviously have to be placid to handle or just amazing to observe if unhandleable.
Not sure I could feed mice etc so snake is unfortunately a no go but there must be lots out there to capture their imaginations.

Any ideas and recommendations gratefully recieved.

Thanks for taking time to read all that too
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