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Default Arcadia EarthMix for Indonesian blue tongue skink

Hey guys, i have my indo BTS almost year now, i tried many substrates for bioactive enclosure for him, even earth mix (but always maybe 1/5 of whole substrate volume) but i was not satisfied - either there was many soil mites (i like springtails more but mites always outperform them) or substrate stucks to hes eyes.
Right now i treat my blue tongue for scale rot (dermatomycosis) so he is in quarantine setup (last substrate was cypress mulch with coco fiber ).

After treatment i would like to try arcadia earth mix as only substrate - have any one experience with this for BTS? He's burrowing alot. Does eath mix stick to the eyes or nostrils or skink does not mind it?

Should i mix it with sphagnum moss for example? Right now i bought 3x10l bags of earth mix but i think i would need more for nice thick layer of substrate for him.
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