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Originally Posted by anamcara View Post
Lol I've done a fair bit of research into retics I've been interested in the bigger snakes for quite a while now. I'm asking for opinions more than anything realy, there's alot of conflicting info out there on the Ol intranets...

Power feeding seems to be a big problem with retics, a correct feeding regime seems to keep the snakes size from exploding.

I've read a few methods of tap training and wonder which people would think most successful and kind I prefer the method of covering the head to disperses the feeding response... Seems kindest. Building trust and avoiding the 3 feed response ques should go along way to avoid getting a taste of the old fangalangs...

I spoke to the breeder (who is supposed to be quite well respected in the retic world as it goes) as Ive read so much contradicting info and he said six to eight foot should be fine (but impossible to accurately determine the final size of the adult snake... ). Either way I'm a fabricator so could make something cool looking about of stainless & poly-carb if he out grows the 6-8ft one I guess...

Substrate seems to be an interesting topic, so many viable choices lol!

I like the idea of a movable wall to adjust the size of the viv, will take a bit of messing about with the thermotat ect but we'll worth it! Plus would be good for safety if anyone elce has to feed him, could use as a seg panel then withdraw it once the food has been placed an viv closed up ��
No way could a full size retic variant, a snake that grows to 12' minimum & up to 20', live in an 8' viv as an adult. The only retic that could is an SD.
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