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Originally Posted by anamcara View Post

I spoke to the breeder (who is supposed to be quite well respected in the retic world as it goes) as Ive read so much contradicting info and he said six to eight foot should be fine (but impossible to accurately determine the final size of the adult snake... ).
Originally Posted by wilkinss77 View Post
No way could a full size retic variant, a snake that grows to 12' minimum & up to 20', live in an 8' viv as an adult. The only retic that could is an SD.
This was my thoughts - can you imagine something like Steve d's tiger retic being squeezed into an 8' enclosure.

My (granted somewhat limited) experience with a retic was one of about 15' - 17'. It was often let out in the house "under supervision" ( minimum of two other people) whilst its 12' x 4' x 3' viv was cleaned.

However, we could continue to make suggestions and voice our opinions Wilks, but at the end of the day it's the OP's choice what they keep and how they go about managing it.

That video covers a lot of good points, including the fact that its impossible to predict how big a snake gets. I have a male boa. Most would say that they max out at 6-7 feet... he was measured at 8'3" He could do with being put into a larger viv as the one he's in would be ideal for a 6' boa, but is a little narrow for him. But I don't have the physical space to house a 8' x 3' x 3' enclosure... he's not cramped in his current enclosure, but it does way on my mind that he outgrew the enclosure and this was based on information from the breeder ( I even saw the snakes parents and the female was just over 7').


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