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Some 30+ years ago I had a pal who kept/bred Burmese pythons ,they were housed in 12 foot vivs and one day he decided getting a Retic was a good plan.

He then proceeds to buy himself a W/C yearling /young adult (?) Retic , sex unknown.
Obviously back then the ones available were W/C , hence very little info on background / genetics etc. was available . no internet , no myriad of captive Retic breeders.

Fast forward a couple of years and he now has a snake that dwarfs (pun intended) his Burms and clearly the 12 foot viv is no longer viable and obviously a new plan is needed.

Being a guy with big ideas and the cash to back those ideas up ,he quickly realized NO viv was going to cut it and he needed an alternative plan.

Approx. a month later I went to visit him and said hows the Retic doing ? , Still in the viv ? , The questions prompted a big grin from ear to ear as his eyes lit up.
"Follow me AL!" was the reply as he led me through the house to the back door , opened it and gestured for me to step into the garden.
Gone was the small aviary , gone was the garden shed , not to mentioned several missing and/or broken fence panels.
Their replacement was a small twin birth caravan , (the type we've all seen converted into roadside food outlets), a little perplexed I'm now thinking WTF has this got to do with the Retic.

At that moment my pal starts to unlock the caravan and as soon I spotted bright light emitting from inside the penny dropped for me. The caravan was the Retics new enclosure , he had gutted the whole inside ,boarded it all off and basically created a giant empty box.

A small secondary entrance was created inside to form a barrier and the entrance into the actual snake living area was fitted with a ranch style bi- fold door. This worked great for feeding purposes allowing him to feed without having to enter the main area.
The whole thing was fitted out with branches etc. had a old bath for a water bowl and was heated using tube heaters (the type often used to heat portable buildings) and couple of heat spot lamps.

To say I was amazed is an understatement , I was blown away by the whole sight and his Retic sure looked in great health at approx 15 feet long.

100% True story and a nice reminder of how in certain cases , for some individuals these snakes can easily outgrow available housing options.
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