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Exclamation Snake with blister disease?

So ive had Midnight my red tail boa for about 6 years now. And the other day i noticed a blister on her back that looked as if it was filled with water. I waited until she shed and it had burst and then applied Antibacterial cream to stop infection. I've been keeping an eye on her for the past two weeks and she has deteriorated quite a lot. She hasn't eaten which she literally never has before, has lost weight and has multiple blisters over her.
I have never had this before but seems to be Blister disease but i don't know why? Her vivarium is dirty at all and she is fed regularly. Only thing i think i could have done is better heating and humidity which i now have done. Thought the humidity was high enough but checked the other day and wasn't so got that sorted. Anything i can do to help her? I literally have no vets around me for hours that take reptiles, especially now. So saying take her to the vets isnt an option, i dont mind how much it costs or what she needs i will get them for her. I have Tamodine in case the blisters burst to stop infection but anything else i can do?

Any help is greatly appreicated!
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