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Originally Posted by ian14 View Post
Yes. Sounds very very odd.
Sadly I have a very suspicious mind and this sounds, well, very convenient that the only reptile vet just happens to have been sacked.
Quite how a remote appointment will work is beyond me. If a prescription is needed, how do you get it??
And let's say injections are needed. A vet will need to show you what to do. A bit difficult if the snake isn't witb the vet!
And then there is a similar post today from the OP in the lizard section

Originally Posted by TurtleInMankinis View Post
SO i've had ruby for many years now and she was badly mistreated before we got her. We finally got her into good shape after about a year. Few years later and she developed a small lump on her bottom jaw but we live no where with vets that take reptiles but i clean the inside of her mouth .
Either the OP is having some really bad kama or Ian's suspicions may be right. But to give some credit they have 89 posts so it's not following the normal Friday night one poste wonder

This worried me though - posted in May

Originally Posted by TurtleInMankinis View Post
Hey guys, So yesterday i had my Westeren Hognose out for a while and i think he miss took my finger for food, he latched on and i couldnt get him off for a solid 2-3 minutes. I eventually got him off but my finger has now turned black/blue and i can feel it XD Also my hand has swelled to the size of a golf ball. Any idea of what i can do to help it? I went to A&E and they were useless as know one knew anything about it so im relying on you guys really XD

Cheers, All answers appreciated!
If I lived in a really remote village I wouldn't want to have something that could put me at risk, especially if the nearest A&E was some time away

This also begs the question, with both a Boa and lizard having health problems at the same time, either the husbandry is up the poo or is there any chance of cross contamination caused through poor hygiene like not washing hands between handling


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