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Originally Posted by Reed1993 View Post
Good afternoon all.
I'm a new member.
On the 3rd of October I purchased a pacman from from my local reptile store, I have his tank (which is a 12x12x12 glass exo terra) ranging between 24 and 29.c, humidity is in the high 80s, im using coco husk and sphagnum moss, making sure the water is dechlorinated before being put in the tank.
However after 6 days of ownership I've not seen him (mr. Nib nibs) eat. He's only a juvenile, but I've read they should eat daily ideally, if not 3 or 4 times a week.
I've not seen any poo in the tank yet either.
I'm tried small locusts hoppers, as that's what he was fed in the shop as well as a chopped piece of thawed pinky. I've also tried crickets and worms all dusted.. I've tried hand feeding and just plopping the food infront of him, I've tried tong feeding.
I've tried putting him in a separate container to eat as the one he was in before was much smaller and more simple than his new one.
I'm wondering if he's just still getting settled, I do feel like I'm fussing him but im worried. I also wonder if he's impacted as he seems very small to be eating pinky mice. Finally he was getting quite a lot of sunlight from the large windows in the shop he came from, and although my room has sunlight coming in I wonder if its disproportionate to what he's used to.
Any ideas please help mr nib nibs.

Thank you.

At that size they should be eating a lot. Enclosure is huge for a frog that size. How are you measuring temps? Not being warm enough is usually the reason they don't eat.

Put the little one is a smaller enclosure. Take out the moss. Damp substrate (your sub looks dry) and a shallow water dish.
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