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Originally Posted by Reed1993 View Post
So today after still not seeing him eat and after taking all your advice ive plopped mr nib nibs into a smaller house.
Will be keeping an eye on him 🙂 p.s thats only a 5.0 repti sun for uvb as he's now tucked away in a bit of a dark spot. Gives off near enough no heat.
Thanks again! Will keep you updated.
I dont believe that Ceratophrys need uv. More importantly is a heat source.
Mats do not warm the air, so unless in a warm room., it won't help much. They should also never be used with a deep substrate as this leads to thermal blocking which can in turn cause the mat to overheat.
I suspect that the overall ambient temperature is just too low. Why not replace that uv bulb with a spot lamp, low wattage, to actually warm the air.
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