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Default Male senegal parrot and cage for sale..the little parrots with BIG parrot attitude!

He is approx 4 years old (they can live to 30)
Orange bellied and fully feathered
Was closed rung but after he decided to bite into the ring and almost cut of the blood supply to his foot, the vet removed it (the ring not his foot! lol)
Came from a reputable breeder in clacton on sea.....I also have another senegal from the same breeder

The reason I am considering selling him is because of me largely.....As some of you on here know I suffer severely from the skin disease Psoriaisis and my hands are badly affected....

Well we rehomed 'BILBO BAGGINS' or billy as i call him from my mother in law ( she bought him a little after we got our female) as mother in law suffers from bad arthritis in her hands and wrists and after 1 particulary bad arthritis day, billy flew onto her shoulder and decided to taste the back of mum's neck a little too hard!!!....Mum however, cos of her Arthritis, couldnt manouvre herself to get him off and from that moment, she wouldnt go near him....

So I had him and have had him for the past 2 and half years...

Alittle insight to billy's temeperment......Billy LOVES me and will come when called, will listen to NO if he is getting a bit over excited, he loves tickles and cuddles and playing....Although please note HE CAN AND DOES get a little too fiesty at times and needs 'time out' in his cage......

He also talks and says.....hello, good morning, good boy, ouch, out, tickle tickle and a few other indistinguishable things!!!
He also whistles the laurel and hardy theme and the hovis theme....although this is when HE feels lik it and not when you want him too!!! pmsl

Billy's main problem is that he would need a firm owner who will love and carry on with him as I have as explained earlier he can be fiesty

I would not particulary trust him with children handling him as even my 14 year old who has a knack at handling animals got a touch of the billyness!!

So the fact that he loves being out, cuddling, playing and particularly standing on your hands is causing a problem for me as any scratch or nick i get from his claws or beak results in another break out of psoriasis.

He will come with his cage and all toys.....

I am asking 225 for Billy and cage etc



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