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Yeah, there are some rearfangs out there that can do some damage! There's a handful of fatalities attributed to Philodryas olfersii, and a bite from certain asian Rhabdophis will ruin your day - by making you bleed from all of your orifices (eyes included!). Nasty stuff.

Researchers are beginning to find that quite a few opisthoglyphous snakes previously labelled as "harmless" can actually cause quite pronounced symptoms of envenomation and some of those so-called "harmless" snakes are actually ticking time bombs waiting to go off...

Let alone the REAL killers like the Boomslang and Twig Snake, both of which will easily kill a human being...

Like I say, many make interesting and unusual captives, but make sure to do your research and always give the animal a good measure of respect.

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