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Hi all thanks for the replies!

I have some photos of my setups but I'm kind of new to this whole computer malarkey so it may take me a while to get them posted up. Alternatively I have others on a digital camera which I guess might be easier to show? I'll get something sorted in the next week or two.

There are also a handful of piccies of my animals up at the reptile section of Waterlife (which is a GREAT shop by the way).

Saw that Thrasops video on Youtube - yeah, you can really see the venom going to work rather quickly on that mouse, and the snake is pretty much as aggressive and voracious as you'd expect - it just would not let that little rodent go! I'm not a fan of live feeding but that was kind of interesting to watch.

The only surprise was how long the snake took to actually mount an attack! I wouldn't have had time to remove my hand from the terrarium and switch on the camera with mine!
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