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The third incubator is an old fridge that was bought for 5 at the local tip.

I cut a hole in the front of the fridge with a grinder and then siliconed a sheet of perspex on the front and back of the door(basically double galzed it) then after ripping out all the internal cold pipes and elictics i placed three 36x6 heat strips inside and connected it to a pulse stat.This has now been running for around three months and the temps have not moved off 85.9 degrees.This is also set up for bearies eggs but takes seperate tubs(8 cheap tuperwares from Morrisons or 4 medium conticos)Total cost around 120 although i had the heat strips,Pulse stat and tubs laying around

the spray bottle hanging in the incubator ensures that there is a ready supply of the right temp water if a tub needs dampening down.

Lastly i converted an old bottle fridge whick i got from a friend after a pub clear out.
I placed a heat strip 36x12 on the back of it then a 17x11 heat mat on the bottom.These are connected to 2 pulse stats and i have run this for months and am able to keep a very stable 89 degrees in here.This incubator is ready for Burmese eggs when i get some at long last.It now holds 12 medium contico boxes and cost about 270 to fully kit it out
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