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Well the Mrs and I have been looking into building a viv to fit in an alcove next to my comp, plans are drawn, just need the wood to start. Went to three hardware shops, and depending on you measurements all the different wood has different depths. The size that we had planned for was a 15mm depth which we thought would be a standard size in all of the wood, but guess what i was wrong MDF goes from a 12mm to a 18mm so that went out of the window. The wood may be cheaper but you have to take into consideration that the mdf needs to be sealed, painted then varnished. So i am building it out of conti board. But it is going to be 20 per sheet which is only 2400mm by 600mm by 15mm then edging strips $1.19 per 2.5m This was the cheapest price at wickes then it was b&q then homebase.
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