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They are asking 65.00 for the lot but I will shop around for sure.
I have just discovered a pet store in my home town ( Swindon ) that I didn't know existed. They stock alot of Reptile equipment inc the faunariums quoted in the starter kit, frozen food etc. Unfortunately they don't stock snakes themselves ( a few lizards and some great little tortoises ) but I will probably get the snake from a breeder anyway. Cornmorph who posts on here maybe !
Anyway thanks for the info at least I know the contents of the starter kit are ok so I can now compare prices and see if I can get cheaper.

One final question for now. The corn will out grow the faunariums, at what age / size will I need to transfer the snake into its full size adult viv ? And finally how many different sized faunariums can I expect to buy untill the corn goes into a 3ft viv for example ?

Thanks again.
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