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Originally Posted by bully74uk
They are asking 65.00 for the lot but I will shop around for sure.
I have just discovered a pet store in my home town ( Swindon ) that I didn't know existed. They stock alot of Reptile equipment inc the faunariums quoted in the starter kit, frozen food etc. Unfortunately they don't stock snakes themselves ( a few lizards and some great little tortoises ) but I will probably get the snake from a breeder anyway. Cornmorph who posts on here maybe !
Anyway thanks for the info at least I know the contents of the starter kit are ok so I can now compare prices and see if I can get cheaper.

One final question for now. The corn will out grow the faunariums, at what age / size will I need to transfer the snake into its full size adult viv ? And finally how many different sized faunariums can I expect to buy untill the corn goes into a 3ft viv for example ?

Thanks again.
my hatchlings are in a 24inchx15inchx12inch viv(which is bigger than the large terra Faunarium). always started them in this size, just have to make sure the sliding glass is plugged(i use card) to stop really young ones getting through. That cost 59retail but could have got it cheaper if i wasn't so lazy, obviously then you have to add the other bits on(heat mat/mat stat etc) then it matches all my other vivs and when they out grow it ive got another viv to fill plus it has the advantage of not having the snake open on all sides with clear sides so they feel more secure

Maybe thats just my way of doing it, not preaching or nothing :wink: but i always see these things as temporary housing or quarantine housing

this is my basic corn hatchling set up(minus some hides, cause i was feeding)
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